Caer Wyverweald shield
portcullus close up
square pavillion close up
both pavilions
square pavillion under tree
round pavillion with wall
encampment from another side
chaucer asleep in pavillion

letter caer Wyvernweald measures 25’ long by 15’ high and is very portable.  The brown and gold pavilion is 15’ x 15’ x 20’.  The blue and white pavilion is 15’ in diameter and 20’ high.  Chaucer is 24” high and 33 pounds!

If you look very closely you may see the various banners, torches, braziers, chests, cushions, rugs and all of the things that make an encampment home.

Not shown are two 20’ high banners.

The whole encampment fits tightly (but nicely) into our 1970 VW Bus.

If you would like to read a brief history of Caer Wyvernweald, look here.

square pavillion with castle
title Caer Wyvernweals encampment