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Good morrow fellow gamers!

The Wyvern Manor Gaming Society doest
bid thee welcome! Prithee, come ye
hence and join in the merriment!

Our valiant group of gamers do mostly
reside in the County of Orange, in the
state of California, and the manor house
itself be in the City of Orange.

The Society was founded by those of us
who, for some long time, reveled in that
which is called Fantasy Role Playing (by
some named Dungeons and Dragons) and
games of that sort. These hearty fellows
(Lianna, Pam, Eric and Joe), were keen to
expand their horizons to include
other diversions such as board games.

So 'tis once a month at 5 o' the clock on a Saturday even' that we doest come
together at the manor house to there
pursue amusements of fantasy, horror,
science fiction and other exercises of the imagination.

These sessions do, for the most, attract
better than half a score of enthusiastic participants, and once the renovation of
the manor is complete, we shall be able
to accommodate many more.

Given that our roots be deep in the fertile
soil of role playing, we do now and again
include an even' of such gaming, and
because if the truth be told, some of us
do practice the art of LARP, we doest have
a live game once or twice a year.

Our band doest upon occasion venture
forth together and partake in a movie, play,
faire, or other outside amusement.

On All Hallows Eve (known by some as
Halloween or Samhain) we do turn the
manor into a haunted house of the most
scary type. This festival of things most
spooky doest attract over 800 people to
the manor.

The Society hast naught dues nor levies at
this time. The only required contribution is
that one and all bring a measure of
merriment to fill our hearts, tasty victuals
for our bellies and pleasant drink to
fill out tankards!

Adieu and anon,

Mistress of Wyvern Manor

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The Wyvern Manor Gaming Society
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